Stadium Floodlights

For all sports venue big or small, SkyLighting can have all your LED floodlights to specific sports requirements including FA Inspection & certification.

As well as regular inspections, usually carried out under a maintenance contract we also offer an inspection service for floodlighting systems, new or old.

We can test the installation for quality of operation and compliance with current safety regulations, and include in our report recommendations and costings for any work that may be found to be necessary

FA Football Flood Lighting Inspection & Certificates

The FA require qualifying pitches to have their floodlighting correctly & periodically tested for a suitable light level and even average conformity. SkyLighting are qualified and approved to provide this expert service and to issue a Club with the correct FA Conforming Certificate.

▪  Electrical maintenance on a 3-5 year basis, to ensure your facility remains compliant.

▪ Lighting maintenance, to ensure you’re getting the best performance out of your sports lighting. Up to 17% of a floodlight’s output can be lost through an accumulation of dirt, depending on the pollution levels on site. Simply by commissioning SkyLighting to professionally clean the glass on your floodlights, you’ll boost light levels significantly.

▪  Mechanical inspection and maintenance for lighting masts or columns - fixed or hinged - is essential to ensure your facilities stay safe. Among many other mandatory checks, our regime includes checking the security of essential components such as foundation bolts and floodlight brackets.

Whatever your floodlighting system, our range of tailored packages cover electrical and mechanical maintenance, as well as any health and safety consideration associated with working at height.

SL-FL960 (960 Watt Philips LED Floodlight)


SL-FL720 (720 Watt Philips LED Floodlight)

SL-FL480 (480 Watt Philips LED Floodlight)


SL-FL360 (360 Watt Philips LED Floodlight)

SL-FL240 (240 Watt Philips LED Floodlight)