Low Intensity lights

  • WL75 : Is a high powered, high flux solid state lamp which has an exceptional lifespan of more than 100,000 hours and consumes very little energy
  • SL800: This light has a function of corrosion resistance, anti –UV and impact resistance. Light source adopts international- advanced LED
  • SL32 Single and Steady burning, this product can be used alone to mark structures whose height is lower than 45 metres, or can be used along with a medium intensity light whose height is higher than 45 metres
  • WLTwin75: Red flashing or steady burning, external long life, along with environmental protection, corrosion resistant and shock proof
  • SL32 Dual: Flashing or steady burning. When and if the service light fails, the controller switches on the standby light automatically to ensure there is a light working

Solar Powered Lights

  • SL100 Low Intensity: Uses low power consumption and a high brightness, with the light source reaching 10000 hours, This product can also be used in harsh environments
  • SL50 Low Intensity: Uses advanced technology, low brightness, high efficiency solar panels. The light uses a professional flash-light controller to reduce power consumption
  • WLS-10 Low Intensity:Environmentally friendly, the NIMH battery will provide over 20 days of continuous operation even in continuous rainy / cloudy days
  • LT5000 Medium Intensity: Low power consumption long battery life span and high efficiency, this product can work for more than 15 days even during overcast rainy days

Medium / High Intensity Lights

  • SL5000: Uses low power consumption and a high brightness, life source reaching 10000 hours, Suitable to be used in harsh environments
  • SL2030: White flashing, the bottom shell adopts stainless steel and the lamp adopts PC material, Lamp life reaching 108 times
  • SL3000: Enclosure made of die casting aluminium with a powder coated finish.Also light weight, water proof and corrosion resistant
  • OM2K:Ingress protection of IP67 assures the light is well sealed to stand harsh environments including the ocean. Can also be used on buildings / structures higher than 45 metres.
  • SL8000 High Intensity: Waterproof and impact resistant with a built in high efficacy reflector. Having a tempered glass outside turns the effective light rate up to 80%.


  • Warning Sphere: Designed to provide visual warning of electricity transmission lines for aircrafts
  • Windsocks: Designed to indicate wind direction and relative wind speed
  • Control Panel: All our control panels are custom made, and can be suited to match your requirements and specifications
  • Mounting Brackets: Mounting clamp to hold a light on angle bar, flat bar or round pole. Can hold maximum 180mm diameter objects
  • Stainless Steel Flange: Mounting flange for when the light is installed on a flat surface. 3/4” inch thread, 240mm length– Suitable for SL32 Single
  • Stainless Steel Pole: It works with a mounting bracket to hold the light onto structures like telecoms towers etc. 3/4” thread, 240mm length. Suitable for SL32 single and dual light